Pappo Nindo

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Hello, my name is Pappo Nindo and this is my personal webspace. My work spans everything from the creative arts, through fundamental research to viral advertisement campaigns. One of my projects is the development of a cardboard-based offline-only cryptocurrency system. Navigate through the page to see a selection of my past works.
Currently I am a candidate to the student parliament of the Ruhr-University in Bochum. Check out my election campaign here.


Research Associate - Fundamentals of applicability theory
2017 - today

In addition to my research responsibilities and mild teaching duties, I am engaged in the voluntary IT department and the environmental sustainability committee.

Voluntary work - Residents Committee at the CIUP
2018 - 2020

Chief responsible for mischief at the newly built building Résidence Julie Victoire Daubie - Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris

Cité Internationale Universi de Paris


Master of Arts
2013 - 2015

Mathematical logic, communications design

University of Bantshire
Bachelor of Science
2008 - 2012

Liberal arts, martial arts and defense against the dark arts

University of Bantshire


  • Click here for my latest work on almost-everywhere left characteristic matrices. You can also find some of our investigation methods for this preprint here.

Selected creative works and awards

  • I wrote a poem review for the book "Nichts als die Wahrheit" of the Postillon and won their competition. You can see their announcement of the winners here. To see the poem, you can click .
    Ein Büchlein aus jüngsten Zeiten
    Das geht mir nicht aus dem Sinn.

    Der Inhalt er fesselt die Seele
    Mit so kataklysmischer Macht,
    Dass selbst der härteste Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitänsanwärter
    Vor Rührung weint und vor Freude lacht.

    Der Gugelhupf wird in der Pfanne verrückt,
    Das Zöglflex dreht schon am Rad,
    Und zählt schon die Wochen und Tage und Stunden
    Bis jeder ne Ausgabe hat.

    Ob Weihnachts- oder Geburtstagsgeschenk
    Ob einfach nur so zum Spaß
    NICHTS ALS DIE WAHRHEIT verspreche ich euch
    Macht andre Geschenke stets nass.
    Ich glaube ein jeder wird weise
    Ob Frau, divers oder Mann
    Und das hat dann mit seinen Worte

  • I contributed a story titled "Only you can save him" to an anthrology of short-stories. The rule of the anthrology is that the story must contain exactly 81 words. You can look at the whole collection here. My story has number 817, is published and the profits will go to charity.